– TNF before his battle
TheNitroFlamer takes the role of Undyne in FandomTale. He is the head of the royal guard and pursues 

Rlopkid23 throughout Waterfall.

Appearance Edit

TNF is a 5'7" muscular white male with dark blonde hair, a blue left eye and a scar running down his right eye, which is replaced with a glass eye. He usually wears a suit of titanium armor, colored a light shade of grey. When not in his armor, he wears a black singlet, a pair of jeans held up with a brown belt and a pair of red boots.

Personality Edit

TNF is passionate about everything that he does. He acts quickly on his ideas and is steadfast in his beliefs. Though he wants to defeat Rlopkid, he also tries to be fair and offers an explanation of how Green Mode works. FT Asgore (TBD) taught him the values of pacifism, which is why he states Rlopkid is "a wimpy loser with a big heart". When first encountered, he wants to take Rlopkid's soul and break the barrier, but if he is shown mercy, he's quick to defend Rlopkid from FT Asgore. He loves to help others. He is also sarcastic and cynical. He likes to watch anime. He has a lot of Determination, which can allow him to persist after death.

Abilities/Weaknesses Edit

He has powers and weaknesses are very similar to UT Undyne's. He can manifest spears and arrows made of fire and change ones soul to green, removing all mobility and allowing them to block certain attacks.

TheNitroFlamer (FandomTale - Armored)

TNF wearing his armor