Tra-la-la. I am Mr. SomeRandomWriter. Or am I Mrs. SomeRandomWriter...? It doesn't really matter. I love to ride in my boat. Would you care to join me?
— First interaction with SomeRandomWriter

SomeRandomWriter takes the role of The River Person in FandomTale.

SomeRandomWriter  is a hooded figure who provides free transportation to Snowdin, Waterfall, and Hotland on their wooden raft. Rlopkid23 can ride their boat to any of the locations specified above if they reach Hotland on any route. During the trip, SomeRandomWriter has a list of messages they can speak at random.

Despite occasionally hitting rough currents in the water, SomeRandomWriter never loses their balance, and If Rlopkid23 attempts to move SomeRandomWriter, he will find them to be immovable.

Appearance Edit

SomeRandomWriter is shown only as a figure with a red hooded cloak, and both their gender and the type of monster they are is unknown.

If Rlopkid23 were to attempt to look under their cloak, he would see total blackness, which would be constant even in the situation that a lighting source were held up to SomeRandomWriter.

Messages Edit

With no Known Special Meaning Edit

  • Tra la la. The waters are wild today. That's [bad/good/tough/pure] luck...
  • Tra la la. Eat a pine cone everyday. Why? Then I know you're listening to me...
  • Tra la la. What's inside an acorn? It's really just a mystery.
  • Tra la la. Why don't you sing with me. Tra la la.
  • Tra la la. Uh oh. Suddenly, feeling tropical...
  • Tra la la. Hmmm... I should have worn a few more cloaks today.
  • Tra la la. Hmmm... I should have worn a few million more cloaks today.
  • Tra la la. Tri li li. Tre le le.
  • Tra la la. The water is very [dry/wet] today.
  • Tra la la. Who am I?... It doesn't really matter...
  • Tra la la. I'd like to go to the bottom of the world, where everything's upside down.
  • Tra la la. Real eyes realize real eyes, but do I even have eyes? The world may never know.
  • Tra la la. It takes more muscles to frown than smile, but I need the exercise.
  • Tra la la. You'll find love when you stop looking, but if you keep looking, you might find some loose change.
  • Tra la la. You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow... too bad we're underground.

With Known or Possible Meanings Edit

Message Meaning/Allusion
"Tra la la. I heard JuicyLovesMC has a favorite food." Eating the [Pie|Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie] during the fight against JuicyLovesMC will reduce their Attack and Defense.
"Tra la la. I heard spiders have a favorite food. It's spiders." A hint to an alternate way to defeat UndertaleTrash3.
"Tra la la. The piano plays the tinkling song. Hmm... tinkling." Hinting at the solution to the [Puzzle|Piano Room puzzle].
"Tra la la. You can never have too many hot dogs... Sadly, this is not true." If the protagonist buys a [Dog...?|hot dog] from MickRunner with a full inventory, he will place it on top of their head. He will continue to stack 30 hot dogs on their head before stopping, saying "sorry, thirty is the limit on head dogs."
"Tra la la. Don't snoop behind people's houses... You might be mistaken for a trash-can." A hint directing the protagonist to check behind houses for secrets, particularly the back entrance to Mickrunner and TheUnderTaleFan355's house.
"Tra la la. [Dreemurr#Pacifist Route|The angel] is coming... Tra la la." Alluding to the legend of the [Rune|Delta Rune].
"Hum hum hum. Hum hum hum. I'm having a little concert." A hint on how to get a happy ending for Shyren.
"Pet pet pet... The neck stretches infinitely into the cosmos. ...Don't worry about it." Hinting at the Lesser Dog petting easter egg.
"Tra la la. What's a game you can play with a dog? Asking for a friend..." Possibly referring to how the protagonist can use the [[1]] in battle to play fetch with some enemies.
"Tra la la. Temmie Village... the room before the darkening lantern room..." A hint on how to find Temmie Village. This appears to always be used the first time SomeRandomWriter's boat is in the shape of an animal – a dog, cat, an axolotl, or Temmie.
"Tra la la. Somewhere, it's [day of the week]. So be careful." This changes depending on the day of the week it is on the system clock.
"Tra la la. If you're looking for hot and cool, you can count on me." Refers both to the fact that the SomeRandomWriter can stop in both Hotland and Snowdin and that they are apparently an attractive and popular individual.
"Tra la la. Humans, monsters... Roses." Kkcantgetright is not a human or a monster, but an entity all on his own.
"Tra la la. Beware of the man who speaks in hands." Presumed to be a reference to HadrianTheFox or [Sorry|So Sorry].
"Tra la la. Dancing on a boat is dangerous... for some people." Alluding to the immovable quality of SomeRandomWriter.
"Tra la la. You only live once... right?" Presumed to be alluding to the resets, and possibly that SomeRandomWriter has some knowledge of them.

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