FandomShift is an Au mix of Storyshift and FandomTale, FandomShift was made by fandom user Corly.

In This Au works the same as Storyshift

Characters Edit

NOTE: This page is still in progress along with FandomTale. If you want a role then go to FandomTale and ask for a role in that AU. Which will put you in this AU.
The Characters are the following ones:

  • Frisk = Rlopkid23(Remains The Same)
  • Sans = MickRunner(The King Of the Underground)
  • Papyrus = TheUnderTaleFan355(The Caretaker of the Ruins)
  • Chara = Corly (Has Sans's Role)
  • Asriel = Kkcantgetright (Has Paps's Role)
  • Alphys = Bone Apetit (Napstablook's Role)
  • Undyne = TheNitroFlamer(Mettaton's Role)
  • Mettaton = UndertaleTrash3's Older Brother, T.J., or OperationSliceNDice(Chara's Role)
  • Toriel = CaretakerCharmander339(Undyne's Role)
  • Asgore = JuicyLovesMC(Alphys's Role)

The Other Characters Remains the same,Storyshift logic.