Rules Edit

  • No suicide.
  • No spam.
  • Nothing NSFW
  • No harassing/bullying.
  • No inciting violence.
  • No sexual references.
  • No speaking or use of drugs, alcohol, and anything of such nature.
  • Listen when a chat mod or admin tells you to stop doing something.
  • No threatening other users, moderators, admins, or bureaucrats.

Details Edit

  • 3 kicks a day equal a ban. Ban length will vary on the offense.
  • Continuation over days will result in a longer ban.
  • Chat mods are required to give a warning, then kick, then carry out other procedures, such as blocking for various amounts of time.
  • Do not attempt to bring an Admin or Bureaucrat into the situation UNLESS the situation involves the Admin/Bureaucrat themself, the Wiki, the Admin/Bureaucrat wishes to solve it, the Chat Moderators cannot stop the conflict, or a serious topic (such as excessive, non-stop harassment, and etc) is the issue.

Chat Moderation Rules Edit

  • Do NOT abuse your powers as a Chat Mod. Everyone is equal under the rules.
    • Advice: Think logically about the situation if ever in one.
    • Do not kick or ban without an actual reason.
    • Only alert an admin if the situation is out of hand.